Lucid Innocuous (2007)


Instrumentation: violin, cello, piano, electric guitar OR clarinet, tenor saxophone, percussion, electric guitar, piano, and double bass (other arrangements possible)
Duration: 8 minutes

World Premiere: May 1, 2007. New England Conservatory. Boston, MA

For performance materials inquire via email.


2007 studio recording by The Forge.



Live performance July 23, 2015 at Original Gravity Concert Series

Program Note:
Lucid Innocuous is part of my ongoing exploration of integrating improvisation into composed music in new and different ways. I began sketching some of the ideas for this piece the summer before I began studying composition in college, and eventually put it aside to focus on other projects. There just didn’t seem to be a place for the rock-influenced patterns which I wanted to use in this piece in the curriculum and in hindsight, I didn’t have the technique to pull of what I really wanted to do. Almost seven years later, at the end of the final year in my masters program, I came back to this piece and finished it. During my two years at New England Conservatory I became acquainted with the possibilities of both live electronics and non-jazz contemporary improvisation which have had a profound impact on my music. With this added technique, I was able to make something of those old sketches, while still providing a link to a more “innocent” time, before my formalized education in composition began.