Epidermis (2017)


Instrumentation: bass clarinet, marimba, and electronics
Duration: 10 minutes

Commissioned by: Transient Canvas, with funding from the Johnstone Fund for New Music.
World Premiere: November 15, 2017. Short North Stage. Columbus, Ohio

Preview/Purchase Score

Recording available on Transient Canvas’s album Wired on New Focus Recordings.

Program Note:
In Epidermis the bass clarinet and marimba merge into a single machine-like entity playing funky rhythmic patterns made up of percussive sounds with electronics forming a noisy protective layer around the players. At the beginning of the piece the acoustic and electronic sounds are closely aligned, but as the piece progresses they begin to move apart. Repeating melodic patterns begin to appear in the bass clarinet and marimba, while the electronics become noisier and more abrasive. This piece was commissioned by Transient Canvas and premiered in November 2017 with funding provided by the Johnstone Fund for New Music.