fzzl (2011)


Live performance by Joseph Van Hassel at PASIC 2013.

Instrumentation: snare drum and live electronics
Duration: 8 minutes

Commissioned by: Joseph Van Hassel
World Premiere: April 9, 2011. Joseph Van Hassel, Hartt School of Music.

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Recording available on Joseph Van Hassel’s album Correlates and Music from SEAMUS Vol. 25.

Program Note:
fzzl fuses the acoustic and electronic through the use of a small transducer attached to the bottom of the snare drum, which resonates electronic sounds directly through the drum. A contact microphone allows the percussionist to trigger and interact with electronic modifications and extensions of the snare drum’s sound using custom software created with Max/MSP. The piece incorporates elements of West African dance-drumming, hip-hop, and experimental electronica.

Other Performances:

Live performance by Matt Sharrock, February 27, 2016.

Live performance by Megan Shieh, January 29, 2015.