Incite (2013)


Dan and Margaret Halbig recording Incite for an upcoming Wild Rumpus album.

Dan and Margaret Halbig record Incite for Wild Rumpus’ debut album.

Instrumentation: electric guitar and piano (or marimba)
Duration: 8 minutes

World Premiere: May 11, 2013. Wild Rumpus. San Francisco, CA (piano version)
August 11, 2016. Original Gravity Concert Series. Portland, ME (marimba version)

Preview/Purchase Score:
Piano Version
Marimba Version

Demo recording (Dan VanHassel, electric guitar and piano)

Program Note:
Incite draws influence from the seemingly distant genres of heavy metal and Balinese gamelan that for some reason have always been related in my mind. For me, they are both immediately viscerally exciting, veering between aggression and euphoria, and they both place an emphasis on rhythmic virtuosity, often at high speeds.