Poised to Make Gains (2010)


Live performance at CMMAS, July 31, 2010.

Instrumentation: piano with live electronics and video
Duration: 6 minutes

World Premiere: July 31, 2010. CMMAS. Morelia, Mexico

For performance materials please inquire via email.


Live performance at UC Berkeley, February 6, 2011.

Program Note:
Poised to Make Gains is a structured improvisation for piano with live audio and video processing using Max/MSP and Jitter. Using this software, the performer is able to directly control the electronics, both audio and video, during live performance. The audio material is comprised of live processing of the piano sounds as well as very short samples taken from various jazz and rock songs. The video material is directly analogous to the audio; it is made up of live processing of the image of the performer as well as short snippets of appropriated video.