Revealing Unraveling (2012)


Instrumentation: two sopranos, flute, clarinet (doubling on e-flat), violin, cello, electric guitar, harp, piano
Duration: 10 minutes

Commissioned by: Wild Rumpus
World Premiere: June 8, 2012. Wild Rumpus. San Francisco, CA

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Studio recording by Wild Rumpus.

Program Note:
Revealing Unraveling divides the ensemble into two groups; the piano and harp provide an eternally cycling harmonic and rhythmic framework for the piece, on top of which the remaining instruments interject noisy, percussive phrases. In this way I can have a slow moving, continuously evolving form, while simultaneously creating extremes of musical and emotional contrast on the local level. The two sopranos don’t sing any text, but instead participate as additional instrumental voices. This piece is dedicated to my colleagues in Wild Rumpus.