Revoked (2011)


Instrumentation: two violins, viola, cello, electric guitar
Duration: 6 minutes

World Premiere: July 13, 2011. HighScore Festival. Pavia, Italy

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Live performance by Eco Ensemble, December 11, 2011.

Program Note:
The electric guitar and string quartet represent two very different social and aesthetic worlds and rather than attempting to unify them through common melodies, harmonies, or textures, in Revoked the two inhabit decidedly separate musical worlds. The guitar is all warm sustaining harmony, while the string quartet contrasts with short, noisy, percussive sounds. In fact, the piece might be better characterized as a duet for electric guitar and percussion. The one unifying factor between the two is rhythm. The piece maintains this stratification throughout, with each layer developing (or not) in its own way.