UNIFY (2017)


Instrumentation: four percussionists
Duration: 8 minutes

Commissioned by: UNC Pembroke Percussion Ensemble, Joseph Van Hassel, director
World Premiere: April 22, 2017. University of North Carolina, Pembroke

Program Note:
UNIFY for percussion quartet begins with the entire ensemble playing short rhythmic patterns in unison, with every pitch in the marimba and vibraphone melodies precisely corresponding to a specific non-pitched instrument. Eventually, things begin to fall apart with the pitched and non-pitched instruments falling out of sync with each other, drifting further and further afield. Later, the mallet instruments re-unify in a fast repeating rhythmic pattern while the drums join in with a jagged beat played in canon. Through the rest of the piece, attempts are made to re-unify the two groups with varying degrees of success.